Case Studies

Case Studies


Case Studies


The Need:

Walmart Optometric department requested a web-based License Agreement Management System that would allow optometric doctors and WalmartOD administrators to create, modify, and update License Agreements. Walmart business rules needed to be integrated into the system that would process these License Agreements.

This solution provides the following advantages:

  • More efficient terms negotiation information exchange (between Walmart administrators and optometric doctors)
  • Fewer errors during creation and certification of licensing agreements
  • Creation and automatic selection of agreement template definitions based upon business policy and location specific criteria
  • Electronic document storage, management and retrieval
  • Electronic "signing" of agreements by both parties
  • Management of agreement process with automatic notifications to stakeholders

Following is an outline of the functionality provided to users and by the production system:

Optometric doctors are able to do the following using the doctor web portal:

  • Submit application for License Agreement at approved stores online
  • Upload support documents
  • Preview and sign License Agreements

E-LAMS Administrators Control Dashboard:

  • Track and perform administrative tasks on Applications and License Agreements
  • Review and approve support documents
  • Inform stakeholders of application and License Agreement status and changes
  • Set up and maintain Scheduled Events for automatic Notifications
  • Create and modify Templates for merge documents

E-LAMS System (programmed elements of the web portal)

  • Merge and store License Agreements and related Template-based documents in an SQL database
  • Send notifications to stakeholders on status change of License Agreements or documents as the result of user actions

SEP Service (a Windows Service)

  • Send date-based notifications of License Agreement and Document statuses, uses SQL queue
  • Virtual SMTP for all sent email
  • Microsoft SQL logging
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