Case Studies

Case Studies


Case Studies

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The Need:

Staff and eventually customers, in several states, with different feeds, calculations, etc. need a better way to calculate, determine and print finance and re-finance fees. The previous solution and workflow included management developing and distributing a variety of spreadsheets, via email or a network share, that allowed the entry of transaction information for Title services.

Based on the information entered, the spreadsheet would apply the appropriate calculations and generate an estimate of the fees associated with the title services. With the number of locations and staff, the need to centralize, standardize and make sure a current version as used at all times had become crucial. There was also a request to continue to allow the spreadsheet to become he data and calculations source.

The Solution:

Administration wanted to enhance the current spreadsheet solution in the following ways

  • Centralize all "fee estimator" by hosting the corresponding spreadsheets, for each location, through the website
  • Develop new HTML based user friendly forms for entering and presenting estimate data
  • Administrators want the ability to change formulas, layout and data presented using existing spreadsheet solution
  • Using industry standard technology, created dynamic web-forms from all of the fee estimator spreadsheets
  • Allowed new versions of spreadsheet to be deployed by administrative users
  • Deployed the solution as a part of their existing content management system (CMS)

The Technology:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Spreadsheet Gear (
  • IIS
  • ASP.Net
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