Dealing with Customer Complaints Regarding Your Website

UI and UX complaints are difficult to address. BrowserHawk can help!

  • 9 September 2020
  • Author: Eric Smith
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Most of our clients (small to large business) are very serious about their Internet presence and how it looks to their clients (referred to by developers as UI) and their customer's experience (referred to by developers at UX). There is nothing worse than a customer (website visitor) that relies on your Business's Internet solution for purchases, information and customer support, whether using a desktop or mobile device, experiencing problems accessing and using a website that's deployed for just that purpose. Do you know that more than 65% of problems that users experience are problems introduced by your customer's browsers actual computing environment (Internet, computers, firewalls, ad blockers, etc.). Unfortunately for website owners or stakeholders, the average support personnel employed or mechanisms we depend on to help those customers with their problems are not armed with the experience or designed to determine whether it's the business's problem (in other words, you or your technical staff's problem) or the customer's problem. 

Good News! BrowserHawk, a leading tool for automating "preflight/pre-screen browser checks" with Rules Enforcement Technology (RET), is capable of providing the answers and the details to help you respond to your customer's concerns. It's also used by technical staff to help you maintain the best web presence possible over time. Simply put, it identifies and "logs" your site visitors (users) technology including unsupported browsers, settings and configurations, Java inclusion, plug-ins, and more. This information is vital for addressing reported failures or other unexpected problems with your site. With BrowserHawk's easy-to-understand reporting and analysis your support personnel can answer most issues with a simple review of the data that's collected. This tool also can provide site visitors and users with automated help. For more information, see the well documented product at 

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