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Money Back Guarantee
Software auditing is about more than just auditing the creation of code based on standards – it’s also about the time it takes and the skills allocated to creating it.

Looking for someone to help you sort out the path towards the successful creation of an application that creates efficiencies and profits? Here are just some examples of areas we address:
  • Challenge project iterations, plans and schedules
  • Recommend and assist with any methodology strategies – Insist on iterative development
  • Ensure concise specifications and requirements are created for the iteration or project
  • Confirm the team’s skills, communicate expectations, monitor all programming activity to precision and quality desired, and proof ongoing creation of product documentation
  • Focus the development approach on agile methodologies (Scrum, TDD, Continual Integration, etc.)
  • Approve testing and QA strategies
  • Communicate success, failure, and challenge in stakeholder terms after each iteration to clarify and protect stakeholders’ interests and investments
  • Confirm and adjust overall budget, iterative funding and deadlines

We've been doing this since 1993, so let us help you avoid the school of hard knocks.

You get what you pay for – but we’re reasonable. Let us get you on the right track for ultimate success by protecting you and your stakeholders. As with our website auditing service, we provide several opportunities for a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. It's a no lose proposition.