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Application programming, software development, software or application design, coding, call it what you will. It's all about producing automated solutions that produce results or create efficiences that otherwise couldn't be delivered by humans. Right off the bat, the biggest problem you have is that humans create the solutions. You've got to chose the good people.

As for the technology that makes up the applications and databases, it matters. You want easy to use, feature rich, object oriented, well supported, and "growing" technology - technology that works whether we are discussing client-server solutions, Internet solutions mobile solutions, or cloud solutions. Since 1993, we've tried a lot of it. In our opinion, nothing equates to the Microsoft .NET technologies and product stacks. That's why we not only focus on Microsoft .NET and SQL server, we are certified in their technology and products too.

Application and Database Development Phases and Deliverables

So, you have a problem you want to solve with software. Let's assume databases are included. What's the solution? First, start with a solid process and consistent communication focused on getting the job done. Second, let's agree on the plans and facts. Finally, let's get experienced enthusiastic "proven to get the job done" professionals to execute the process, communicate the progress and build everything according to the plans.

The general phases and few potential tasks and deliverables within a development cycle follows:

  1. Discovery
    • Team Development
    • Focus Groups
    • Surveys
    • Interviews
  2. Documentation
    • Schedules
    • Briefs and Plans
    • Specifications
    • Flow Charts
    • Requirements
  3. Design
    • Creative
    • Proof of Concepts
    • Wireframes
    • Database Schemas
  1. Development
    • Test Data
    • Interfaces
    • Data Objects
    • Business Rules
  2. Deployment
    • Packaging
    • Installation
    • Testing
    • Performance
    • Training
  3. Support
    • Audit
    • Backups
    • Recovery
    • Enhancements

Agile Development to The Rescue

Traditional waterfall-like development methodologies break down a software project into several distinct phases: requirements gathering, software design, coding and programming, deployment, and testing. The work proceeds in a serial or progressive manner until the tasks in each and every phase are complete—or thought to be complete.

The problem with the waterfall approach is that changing specifications and requirements can often render the best laid plans irrelevant. Attempts to minimize change by locking down requirements and specifications often results in software that, while complete, does not meet the customer’s actual needs.

Agile development methodologies, based on 10 years of proven strategy of iterative development and extreme team coloboration, helps address the problems found in traditional programming. Simply put, the solution starts with breaking the project into more manageable chunks or iterations and the entire team focuses on creating complete and functional software at the end of each iteration (iterations are 4 - 8 weeks, depending on the size of the project agile methodology selected). 

The iterative approach stands in contrast to traditional waterfall-like development methodologies that tend to produce volumes of specifications, plans, models, and many other non-code artifacts throughout their lengthy planning phases without ectually getting started on development.


Programming Costs You Can Afford

Overall, our average cost per hour for application development is below industry levels for the experience, certified, and degreed individuals we have working for you.

As for our offices and programmers, we are located in North Little Rock, Arkansas and Plano, Texas. Between the developers on staff, there is 30 years of combined experience as well as several Microsoft Certifications and College Degrees. We can draw upon off-shore programmers and we can lead your programmers. Bottom line, we need good solid people whether you supply them or we do.

Technology Utilized for Software and Database Development

Since 1993, we've experimented with several technologies starting with Novell and ending with Linux. We always wind up providing solutions revolving around Microsoft's technologies. Microsoft always comes through when we need to deliver solid solutions - whether it be client-server solutions, Internet solutions, mobile solutions or cloud solutions.

Software Solutions Delivered Since 1993

We've been around the block and we've successuflly worked with companies of all sizes.

A few of the software solutions we've deliver since 1993 follow:

  1. Collections
    • Call Center
    • Account Receivables
    • Dunning Letters
    • Payment System
  2. Office
    • Outlook Customization
    • Word Macros
    • Excel Marcos
    • PDF and Documents
    • Workflow
  3. Database
    • MS Access
    • MySQL
    • Microsoft SQL
    • Transformation
  1. Accounting
    • AR
    • AP
    • GL
    • Order Entry
  2. Sales
    • Email Marketing
    • CRM
    • Contact Lists
    • Fax Systems
    • Call Center
  3. Internet
    • Websites
    • Contracting
    • Payments
    • Scheduling