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Internet marketing is the most effective and efficient way to increase your sales and build your brand. Compared to more traditional approaches, it offers a host of advantages:

  • Lower cost

    You can begin an effective campaign with virtually no production expense and almost any size budget you choose. Best of all, the cost for each person you reach (CPM) will probably be significantly less than you would pay with traditional media like newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, billboards, and so on

  • Higher return

    Because your cost-per-person will be lower and your rate of conversion will be greater, you'll enjoy a much better return on your investment in advertising, promotion, and marketing.

  • Narrower targeting

    You can easily direct your message to the precise audience you want. Stop paying to reach people who will never do business with you, and start communicating with potential clients and customers who need and want your goods and services.

  • Broader coverage

    As the audiences for television programs, radio stations, and newspapers continue to shrink and fragment, the Internet offers the best opportunity to reach the general consumer. Even a modest budget will allow you to use a broad selection of venues to communicate with a wide range of people while they work, play, relax, or entertain themselves. Internet marketing can cover a lot of bases for little expense.

  • Longer exposure

    Internet marketing techniques like search-engine-optimization and organic advertising (explained in detail below) can produce high-visibility referrals to your business that will keep producing leads for weeks, months, or even years with little or no additional time or expense.

  • Faster responses

    Instead of just displaying a passive message and waiting for the viewer to take the initiative, Internet marketing gives your potential clients and customers the interactive tools they need to respond immediately and motivates them to take positive action then and there. Without the stigma of traditional "direct response" advertising, the Internet can help you locate the people who are ready to do something, motivate them to do it with you, and give them the means to move forward.

  • Higher Performance

    The uniquely interactive features of Internet marketing offer you a number of ways to convert prospects into clients and customers. You can engage them with useful, compelling, and persuasive information on your website, allow them to set up appointments and consultations, prompt them to contact your business directly via phone, email, or live agent, and even let them order and pay for your products and services online.

  • Better tracking

    You won't have to wonder how well your Internet marketing campaigns are working. You will be able to precisely track their performance and instantly see the results of any adjustments.

To get the most from your Internet presence, you need a well-designed marketing plan. Epoch Online offers a full range of Internet marketing services that we can combine in various ways to achieve your goals:

Search Marketing

There is simply no better source for highly qualified leads than the major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. At any given moment, that's where most of the people who are ready to purchase the goods or services you offer are looking for suppliers. If they cannot find you there, they will surely find your competitors. Epoch Online offers two related services to help you dominate this resource in your market - Search-Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Management.

Social Networking

The hottest properties on the Internet today are the social networking services, which are used everyday by the majority of your potential clients. Epoch Online can help you locate and communicate with them effectively. Click below to learn more.

Facebook Twitter Google+ MySpace LinkedIn YouTube

Internet Advertising

The Internet offers a variety of extremely cost-effective advertising opportunities to generate leads and build your brand. >>> Learn about banner and media ads.

Organic Advertising

In addition to some of the techiques used for search-engine-optimization, email marketing, and social networking, there are a number of other ways to get your business and/or website mentioned, linked, or even promoted on other sites for free. >>> Learn More

Email Marketing

Email marketing techniques can help you to strengthen your bond with exisiting customers, recruit new clients, and build a continually expanding database of prospects. >>> Learn More

Interactive Web Design

A web site (or sites) is an integral part of most Internet marketing techniques.  Some are designed to direct prospects to the web site.  Others rely on the web site to create new opportunities for generating leads (through organic advertising, for example).  For e-commerce companies, the website itself must close the sales and generate the revenue.  The important thing is to develop a site that complements and supports your other marketing efforts, and Epoch Online can make sure yours will do just that.  >>> Learn More