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Email Marketing

To maximize your success in business, you must be good at soliciting and closing potential customers and existing customers. How you manage all aspects of contacting and reacting to activity matters.


Opt-in Email Marketing is an ideal way to promote products, services and events to customers, business prospects, members or suppliers.  The top reasons to use Email Marketing follow:

  • Permission based
  • Less expensive than alternatives
  • Easily market like the fortune 1000.
  • Improves brand awareness and customer relations
  • Easy to measure and refine
  • Customizable


A few easy things you can do with Epoch Online’s Email Marketing software:

  • Create professional email newsletters
  • Build and manage unlimited email lists
  • Unlimited segments can be configured for target campaigns
  • Real-time email tracking including received, read, click through activity
  • Create self-managed email campaigns
  • Provide industry standard opt-in and opt-out features
  • Comprehensive reporting of all activity


“We needed a customizable Email marketing solution that works like our business.  Epoch Online came through with flying colors!
Once I presented my needs, they jumped in and designed a series of custom high impact templates that not only look like my business,
they work like my business.   With their state-of-the-art software and easy-to-work with support staff, we are finally achieving the results
we’ve been anticipating over the last few years experimenting with other like Constant Contact.”