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Sacred Hearts goes Live!

Sacred Hearts of Morrilton, Arkansas goes live on October 2nd.  This project included a new website built on a modern Content Management System (CMS), a new design, several advanced forms for membership and donation support as well as website and email hosting.

Dr. Shewmake’s Awards Marketing Project

Dr. Shewmake, a leading Little Rock, Arkansas Plastic Surgeon, awards Epoch Online his latest corporate identity and logo upgrades, Internet marketing including website development, search engine optimization, social media development and email marketing.  We’ve also been engaged in all print material including letter head, envelopes, business cards, appointment cards, etc.

AASFAA Awards Epoch Online Project

Epoch Online has been awarded AASFAA’s new website project.  Arkansas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (AASFAA), a non-profit, is dedicated to promoting the professional preparation, effectiveness, training, recognition and association of student financial aid administrators in Arkansas.

Epoch Online and Heartland Payment

Heartland Payment Systems, a leader in only payment systems, gives the okay on Casa Manana Mexican’s Restaurant online menu system.  Come enjoy the food at the 3 Casa Manana Mexican Food locations:

GC, Moser Construction Goes Live!

A highly regarded General Contractor, Moser Construction, awarded us their Internet marketing project in late July.  We’ve deployed an economical Web 2.0, Content Management System (CMS) centric website with advanced features like a “Plan Room” for better sub-contractor communication and sub-contractor convenience.  Call us and ask how we can help your construction related business have greater Internet impact.

Epoch Online updates Webinars

Epoch Online has updated its series of webinars focused on showing you what it takes to get ahead of your competition. Everyone is excited about getting better positioned on the Internet.  Are you ready to increase your local Internet and website presence, attract more visitors, and increase the likelihood that both new and potential customers purchase from you and your business? If the answer is yes, then sign up today!

Epoch Online supports Full Metal

Today, you now have the option, whether you are a part of a shared server, dedicated server or a virtual server, to have your site, data and application back-up to be restored as a “full metal” solution.  The recovery is a fraction in comparison to weekly and monthly backups.

Paramount Metal Awards Project

Paramount Metal Systems, with contributed industry sales well in excess of $250 million, is a design and build contractor that specializes in pre-engineered steel structures and roof systems. Their staff is recognized as some of the foremost authorities in their profession. Epoch Online is honored to work with this driven, high energy company.  Epoch Online’s Content Management Solution (CMS) and its abilities to customize and deploy a highly search engine friendly (SEO) solution is what helped Paramount make its final decision to award Epoch Online their business.

Epoch Online grows Greener

As of September 2013, our data center is almost completely virtualized behind energy efficient network equipment and firewalls.  Stay tuned for more changes within the near future. We are even re-working our day-to-day mundane tasks including “taking out the trash.”  :)

Epoch Online Support 45 gateways

Specializing and certified in, Paypal and 45 other gateways and processors, we can now build and deploy both standard and custom solutions, add and enhance most website and Internet marketing initiatives with shopping, purchasing, donating, and dues payment functionality.

Epoch Online participates in Top 25 Group

The Little Rock Top 25 Group is focused on generating new business for its members as well as funding and donating time to help the community and those within it that are in need.  This group meets weekly at 7:00 a.m. Not only is Epoch Online a member, we help provide support through website development and hosting as well as social media tools and email marketing.

Eureka Springs awards Epoch Online

Eureka Springs awards Epoch Online their MVC and development work and project.  Eureka Springs is a heavily trafficked website with users interested in information related to coming and enjoying the city and its unique surroundings.  Eureka Springs needed someone with experience working with advanced web development technologies and used to working with limited and tight budgets.  Enter Epoch Online. As of early September, we’ve completed and deployed the project:

CVC of Arkansas awards Application Project

CVC of Arkansas, a 30 day profitable start-up, awards Epoch Online its’ CRM, CMS and Internet marketing initiative.

Epoch Online and Restaurants

Provident Business Solutions and Epoch Online have partnered up to offer one of the most comprehensive marketing solutions to both small and large restaurants, focused on customer service and growth. Our solutions include anything from Interactive websites with online order and POS integration to SMS (text) and email marketing. Of course, traditional marketing, encompassing direct mail and table-top and dining room display items is included.

Epoch Online awarded

We are proud to be a part of A Better Work Foundation: A Better World Foundation, an international non-profit, is committed to improving lives by providing increased access to advanced technologies, and thereby empowering humanity for the betterment of the entire world community. The project includes all aspects of Internet development including social media customization and related Internet marketing.

Epoch Online's “Dominate Your Markets” Webinar Series
Epoch Online presents a series of webinars that will show you what it takes to get ahead of your competition. Are you ready to increase your local Internet and website presence, attract more visitors, and increase the likelihood that both new and potential customers purchase from you and your business? If the answer is yes, then sign up today!
2012 SEO Success = 312 New First Page Positions
Epoch Online search engine (SEO) positioning brought 312 new search engine first page positions clients in Air Conditioning and Heating, Plastic Surgery and Body Aesthetics, and general E-commerce.
2012 Unique Visitors = 18,456,909
During 2012, Epoch Online managed and provided Internet marketing service included search engine optimization to websites with 18,456,909 unique visitors.
Epoch Online Awarded Track My Tenant
Track My Tenant is a website that supplies property owners with information on tenants. For a monthly fee, property managers can log in, look up a prospective tenant and see exactly how the last property manager rated them in key areas and what comments they had about them.
Mike Berg Co. Goes Live
Mike Berg Co. is a real estate agency in central Arkansas specializing in commercial, agricultural, and recreational real estate.
Prime Windows Awards Project
Prime Windows & Doors of Dallas, Texas provides innovative, competitively priced, energy efficient and exclusive window and siding products.
Epoch Online Awarded Custom Satellite Project
Custom Satellite awards Epoch Online Website Development and Internet Marketing contract. Custom Satellite was voted the number one Dish and DirecTV satellite TV provider in Central Arkansas.
Advanced Aesthetics Website Goes Live
Advanced Aesthetics of Little Rock’s new website focuses on Internet initiatives designed to showcase quality beautification and advanced skin care treatments, skin care products, and their experienced professionals.  They are now a presence on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, which gives them an opportunity to engage their audience in a multitude of ways.
Two Heat and Air Sites Go Live
Two large air conditioning sites go live this month, vastly improving the web presence of Dring and Webb Air Conditioning corporations. Each site not only gives the site visitor a look at the goods and services these companies provide, but also links to their community presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Each site also includes a blog to keep visitors up to date on what is going on with the company.

Dring Air Conditioning and Heating ( is a multi-million dollar company that has been around since 1953. Webb Air Conditioning Company, Inc. ( has been an authorized Carrier dealer since 1949.
Dermateen Website Goes Live
A skin care site for teens has been upgraded and is now online. DermaTeen Facial Care Products is a line developed by Bionet Esthetics of Little Rock, Arkansas.

The new site was developed using the latest version of the AspDotNetStorefront shopping cart. Users will no longer be sent to PayPal's website to check out. This will improve the user shopping experience while adding real time UPS and FedEx shipping prices and taxes. They also now have coupon and discounting capabilities. Currently, they are utilizing Groupon and Google AdWords to increase their sales and traffic.
SmarterStats 7.4.4611 Released
Epoch Online strives to keep their client's websites on the cutting edge of technology. The recent upgrade of SmarterStats has added a new web service method for GetUser2 and GetUsers2 to the UserAdmin web service that will return EmailAddress and support future functionality.

The service will now process FTP logs older than 3 days and over a passive connection, and several minor bugs have been fixed.
Ameripure Skin Care Website Goes Live
Ameripure came to Epoch Online looking for an affordably upgrade to a Yahoo shopping cart that had many problems. That project had been completed and the website is now online. The project was simple: they wanted us to carry over their current identity and design as well as simplify the checkout experience while adding real time UPS and FedEx shipping prices and taxes. In addition, they needed coupon and discounting capabilities. Currently, they are utilizing Groupon and Google AdWords to increase their sales and traffic. By tweaking their website, content, and Internet advertising based on daily monitoring of their day-to-day traffic and conversion metrics and cloud based analytics, they are on target to have a good 2012 and even a better 2013.
Arkansas Construction Education Foundation Awards Epoch Online Their Internet Website Design and Marketing Project
Epoch Online has been awarded another Internet marketing and website design project. We've been asked by the Arkansas Construction Education Foundation (ACEF) to deploy some of the latest technology, design and marketing strategies.

ACEF is the largest craft-training organization in the state offering training for those that enjoy working with their hands while using their heads. The foundation's primary goal is to satisfy the ever-growing demand for skilled craftspersons working in Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, HVAC, Electronic Systems Technology, Building Maintenance and Industrial Maintenance. The foundation also conducts safety and management education courses for construction, commercial and industrial operations.
Don Young Windows Awards Epoch Online Another Internet Marketing Project
DYC Windows and Doors is looking for more organic and Google AdWords Internet traffic through content. The Internet marketing revolving aournd Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is focused on Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Lubbock, and Oklahoma City. On-going the project will include interactive content development as well as CMS integration.
Epoch Online is Now Managing Websites and Internet Marketing Attracting 10 Million Plus Annual Internet Visitors
Today, On behalf or small customers and more well know large customers like Walmart, Epoch Online is managing the infrastructure and the Internet marketing utilized by 10 million plus visitors.
Dempsey Bakery Reaches 1,800 Plus Facebook "Likes" After 4 Months
A good Internet marketing strategy can help you with so much including word of mouth. Dempsey Bakery reached 1,800 plus Facebook "likes" in 4 months. Imagine having the ability to talk with 1,800 plus with a single and simple post.
Sunfest West Palm Beach Waterfront, May 2-6, Epoch Online is Awarded Online Video Sweepstakes Project
Epoch Online is awarded the video content project for the May 2-6 Sunfest event: This West Palm Beach event is one of the largest in the country. Doubt we will make it; however, there will be thousands of attendees and some of the best entertainment in the country included Creed, Snoop Dogg, Third Eye Blind (more than 50)...
Webb Air Conditioning and Heating of Fort Worth, Texas Awards Epoch Online Their Internet Marketing
In Fort Worth, Texas Webb Air Conditioning and Heating is well known for their quaility installations and service. They have been an award winning Carrier dealer for almost as long as the 50 years they have been in business. Today, they are revamping their Internet marketing to better accomodate their potential and exsiting customers. Check out and their social networks and channels over the next several months.
Epoch Online is Awarded Advanced Aesthetics of Arkansas's Internet Marketing Project
Epoch Online has been awarded Advanced Aesthetics of Arkansas's Internet marketing project. The project includes a new website, blog, email marketing database as well as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn development and advertising. The goal: dominate the Arkansas Aesthetics market.
Epoch Online is Re-Vamping All Internet Marketing Seminars
All Internet marketing seminars will be presented at no cost to business owners, directors, executives and managers. Without a doubt, an educated potential and existing client is the best client. Our latest seminars are all about getting both the design (identity) and content (including images, copy, etc.) positioned so you are indexed by all search engines and social networks and channels.
Epoch Online Rewords it's Controls and Code to Better Integrate with Facebooks' API and Graph
Facebook is continually making changes. Epoch Online is too. We've recently taken new approaches to both pulling content from Facebook and posting content to Facebook.
Microsoft Shows Off Windows 8 Operating System
(Reuters) - Microsoft Corp showed off a version of its next operating system at technology conferences in the United States and Taipei, as some PC makers grumbled over restrictions on their involvement in the development of the system.
Epoch Online is Seeing a Tremendous Amount of Success Helping Plastic Surgeons Search Engine Optimize Their Websites and Blogs
Plastic surgeons find themselves in some of the more competitive positions.
Heartland Tax Services on Facebook
For a couple of years, Heartland Tax Services has been promoting the tax service to its smaller clients. Like many of our clients, they have decided to take some of their home page assets and “re-purpose” them on Facebook. Check out their Facebook page.
We Use the Twitter API, You Should Too…
The nice thing about Twitter is it's easy-to-use API. If you want to “re-purpose” your tweets, statuses, followers and of course anything else you see on the Twitter website, the API gives you access. By the way, according to Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo, “Twitter is not a media company, we’re a distributor of content and traffic. We’re one of the largest drivers of traffic to other media properties.” That’s why you should get familiar with Twitter’s API. Check out some of the interesting applications you will find using Twitter API:
Runnin Wolves!, Runnin Wolves?, Yes, Runnin Wolves…
We’ve just launched It’s a “user and role based” website including an easy-to-use, feature rich content management system (CMS). The website makes it easy for delegated administrators (in this case, parents of the runners) to create pages, management page content, and post current news, needs, events and private membership data. The booster club members, parents and students now have easily accessible public and private content ready and waiting 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Facebook API is Constantly Changing
We been working with the API for some time and we can say “it’s a changing” frequently. The API of the “Graph” presents the people and the connections to everything related. It provides a consistent view of the Facebook social graph, uniformly representing all objects in the graph (i.e., people, photos, events, and pages) and the connections between them (i.e., friend relationships, shared content, and photo tags). If you got a Facebook project, you should plan and budget for changes.
Tanyard Spring’s Email Open Rates Soar
When it comes to email open rates, the hospitality industry sees an average of approximately 6%. As for Tanyard Springs, the open rates are 32% and higher. What’s the secret? It’s referred to as relevancy. Relevancy is the key to high open rates. If your recipients want what you’ve got, you will see great results.
Barber Law Firm Drops Christmas Cards
No, they didn’t stop wishing their clients and friends a Merry Christmas, they just didn’t use the post office. This year they successfully sent an email including their Christmas message developed in Adobe Flash. The best part was their ability to see who got the email, who opened it, who read it, and who followed the links to the true meaning of Christmas.
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Website is Now Live
The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art website, located at, is now live. As much as we would like to say the website does justice to the museum itself, it doesn’t. Surrounded by 120 acres of forest and gardens and comprised of exhibits, architecture and the power of art unfolding the story of America, you will not find another experience like it. You’ve got to visit Crystal Bridges.
100% First Page Positioning for ABC-Central Block and Brick
We've achieved first page positions for 100% of all the terms, in all markets, targeted by ABC-Central Block and Brick. For over 20 years, ABC-Central Block and Brick has been considered one of the largest and most premier provider and producer of its kind. We've been working with them for several years, and we are proud to call them a client.
Analytics are Important and the Right Partnerships Matter
We've upgraded all Epoch Online's analytics software. Currently, we use WebTrends, SmarterStats, and Google Analytics. We tend to utilize analytics derived from both server side as well as tag based JavaScript generated logs.
Epoch Online has been Awarded a 4th Hosting Project for Walmart
Since 2008, we have been hosting several high traffic websites for Walmart. This is the 4th website which will be visited and used by several thousand contracted doctors.
Dr. Salomon Enjoys Google AdWords Success
Google AdWords provides tremendous opportunities if done right. For many years, in collaboration with Dr. Salomon, Epoch Online has focused on optimizing and managing his PPC campaigns. The PPC success blended with SEO success has provided optimal impressions, clicks and conversions. We're proud of the success we've help hem achieve.
Epoch Online Awarded Hosting for Crystal Bridges Museum
A first and world class museum requires first class hosting and services. Epoch Online has been awarded hosting for The museum, opening on 11.11.11, has also entrusted us with its Website development. You must visit this one of a kind museum located in Bentonville, Arkansas.
It's Easy to go Green Using VMware Vertiualization
After several months of tests, we selected VMWare for server and storage virtulization. By virtualizing, we will see our power utilization reduced by 35% or more. Overall, going Green is easy and natural.
Epoch Online is now Offering a New Facebook Seminar
Come learn how businesses are making their sites personalized and social with Facebook. It's time you reach out to the 350 million user on Facebook by making your website and apps "social" across iOS and Andriod phones and tablets.
Epoch Online Accepts Microsoft Invitation to Preview Visual Studio 2011
Microsofts new version of Visual Studio has a tremendous number of enhancements. The enhancments include new Application Lifecycle and Team Version Control features as well as support for new up and coming technologies like HTLM5. We will post our opinions on our facebook, blog and twitter sites.
TFC Industrial Picks Epoch Online for Application and Website Project
TFC Industrial has contracted with Epoch Online for application and website development and internet marketing.
Epoch Online has been Awarded the Dempsey Bakery Website
There are only a few companies that get to work with truly exciting new startup businesses or work with projects that "WOW" you. We are one of them. Steven Otis is designing the interface and Epoch Online is providing the technology and marketing foundation.
Epoch Online Provides Live Agent Solutions
Epoch Online now provides is customers and easier way to contact sales, billing and support. In addition, the live agent solution is offered to Epoch Online's clients.
Facebook Development in Progress
Our customers are quickly warming up to Facebook. What took them so long? The Facebook API provides a rich set of methods designed to provide website owner new opportunities to cash in on "Friends" and the social network that's spread like wildfire.
Google AdWords Extension increases purchase conversions by 18%, on average
By utilizing Google AdWords extensions, we've been able to increase our clients' average conversions by a minimum of 18%. Overall, we've been utilizing location, call, product and social extensions. What's next? It's sitelinks extensions.
iPhone and iPad Development Project
A project focused on providing inside sales representatives iPad and iPhone tools and applications to close sales is now a part of our project list. More and more we are finding there is interested in iPhone and iPad development.
Revamped Website Auditing Service
Every website owner needs an individual or group of professionals continually testing and challanging the web precense. Epoch Online's auditing solutions are designed to give you details you can use to immediately increase the usabilty and performance of your website. The options available range from security vulnerability to marketing and advertising effectiveness.
Dr. Salomon, Now Covering 98% of Miami, Florida
Epoch Online's search engine optimization (SEO) service has been a part of Dr. Salomon's Plastic Surgery Practice and Internet marketing strategy for more than 4 years. He currently enjoys almost 98% of the page one positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing for the terms and phrases people use to find him and his services.
Epoch Online Welcomes C.R. Cook
C.R. Cook joins Epoch Online with 15 years of Microsoft development experience including SQL Server and ASP.NET. His official title is Solutions Engineer.
Epoch Online's New Plastic Surgery Growth Division
A few of Epoch Online's veteran leaders with search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and e-mail marketing as well as creative and development experience will be focused exclusively helping plastic surgeons increase their market share, leads and revenue using Internet marketing strategies.
Epoch Online Changes Support Hours
Our official support hours are between 8:30 and 5:00 Central Time. All support requests including after hours support should be directed to The support email address is monitiored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by certified professionals.
New Epoch Online Blog
Check it out frequently. We will gradually be migrating old content.
Virtually Free Marketing Training
Epoch Online will be providing marketing centric copy writing, search engine optimizaiton, pay-per-click e-mail marketing, and analytics and statistic training in our North Little Rock office starting in 2011. We are offering these training seminars because we feel an educated potential client or client ensures greater success.
Epoch Online gets re-certified on Sitecore CMS and Foundry
We are happy to announce we've upgrades our certifications on the Sitecore CMS and Sitecore Foundry platforms. We've been utilizing Sitecore for both small and large project for more than 3 years and it only makes sense to continue learning more and more about Sitecore and it's value.
ABC Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Success
When it comes to blocks, bricks and retaining walls, ABC is one of the biggest manufacturers and distibutors in the south. If you need to find them, it's not going to be hard. Just type into Google, Yahoo, and Bing your central Arkansas city name and the desired product and you will find them on page one.
Twittering for You...
We've created a Twitter account, customized the background, and posted a modified logo. Let's see if we can use this account for business...
Google AdWords Instrumental in Success
Small town success,, taps into Google Adwords and sees growth in slow economy. According to the company president, Michael Florence, they wouldn't see the amount of sales they've seen over the last year without Google. Michael, "What we like about this type of advertising is that you can track it and manage it. Other than solid organic positions, you can't beat it."
Facebook Advertising on the Rise
We are seeing more and more Facebook advertising opportunities becoming available to all our small business customers as well as our big business clients. Social networks with millions of target users are booming and this type of advertising may well beat Google AdWords advertising in the near future. See Facebook Advertising.
Another Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Success
This time we've struck in Texas. Don Young Windows now has a tremendous number of top positions in the markets they serve. Those markets include Dallas, Texas, Houston, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, Lubock, Texas, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Google AdWords Budgets Reaching New High
Over the last two years, we've been increasing our clients' Google AdWord's advertising budgets. Why? Because Google advertising works and our customers can easily see the correlation between increased spending and increased sales. Check out Google and the sponsored listings. Without a doubt, your competitors wouldn't be spending if it wasn't working.
E-mail Marketing Beyond the Basics
The Student Loan Guarantee Foundation of Arkansas (SLGFA) needed more than a service to just send and track emails. They needed a service that would allow them to build their own campaigns, templates, and segments based on statistics pertaining to the sending, opening, and click throughs. They also needed the ability to test campaigns using advanced features like A/B split testing, spam testing, and browser testing. Today they are easily managing thousands of emails with significantly less time and energy.
Evan Bell is Recognized as a Google AdWords Expert
When polled, our clients will tell you Evan, a member of our staff for a couple of years now, is not only an Expert, he is a valuable part of their marketing team and sales strategy. Through creative design and ad placements, he optimizes each Google account so each customer pays the least click-through costs for the most conversions.
Microsoft Certified Professional .NET Developers on Staff
In addition to several certifications in networking, security, hardware, CMS software, we have Microsoft Certified Professional .NET developers on staff. We've also been a Microsoft Certified Partner for more than 15 years.
Awarded Walmart Community Rent Billing Project
Thousands of Walmart contracted optometrists within the familiar Walmart stores will now have a way to pay for their rent using the community.
Welcome Geoffrey Shubert, Vice President of Development and Support
We are pleased to introduce Geoffrey Shubert, a seasoned developer and product manager, to our clients and partners. His position will be focused on creating procedures and processes to turn out quality products and support.
End of Year Reflections
Since the beginning of the year, we've helped our clients increase thier revenue by an approximate 325%. Overall, we've accomplished this with a push in utilizing Google AdWords combined with search engine optimization (SEO) and e-mail marketing.
E-Mail Marketing Success Story
Tanyard Springs had about 4 points during the year that sales typically "dropped off." By "cleaning" up several years of opt-in e-mail addresses and designing a series of newsletters and special offers, existing customers started responding to off-peak offers and suggestive marketing. Today, with a solid e-mail strategy being consistenly implemented, it looks like future "drop offs" might be a thing of the past.
Gayla Smith Joins SEO Team
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is fun! Ask Gayla. Extensive formal and hands-on training combined with her engineering experience and creative bent proves to be fruitful for our customers.
Fragramatics Awards Epoch Online AOR Status
Fragramatics honors Epoch Online with Agency of Record (AOR) status. The focus is on expanding Fragramatic's brand presence on the Internet. Overall, search engine, banner, interactive, and email marketing strategies will be implemented to expand current client opportunities.
Awarded Aire Serv Home Comfort Design Project
Aire Serv, a Dwyer Group company, has awarded Epoch Online a development project aimed at allowing all Aire Serv sales representatives the abilty to configure and price based on a customer survey all air conditioning, heating, and quality air solutions online and in-front of the customer using a standard web browser.
Dr. Salomon, Reaches 90% of Top Positions for Miami, Florida
Epoch Online's search engine optimization (SEO) service has been a part of Dr. Salomon's Plastic Surgery Practice and Internet marketing strategy for more than 3 years. He currently enjoys almost 90% of all page one positions in Google for the terms people use to find him and his services.
Epoch Online Polls Existing Clients for Concerns and Complaints
Asking questions has always been Epoch Online's strength. With the current economy in a slight slump, the soliciting of concerns and complaints is considered appropriate. Winding down 2009 includes ramping up for 2010. The creation of additional revenue and profits is at the forefront of all our efforts. To maximize the revenue and profits, we are asking for feedback from the ones struggling the most.
Epoch Online chooses VMware to Virtualize
Epoch Online chooses VMware vSphere and ESX for the foundation that could become the complete cloud computing inititive within its Tier IV N+1, PCI compliant, data center. Ask us about our VMware experience and efforts. We picked the VMware solutions because of its ease-of-use and comprehensive coverage of technology needs and requirements for serious application service providers.
Microsoft SharePoint Becomes a Solution of Choice
Microsoft's flagship Internet and Intranet portal and website development platform called SharePoint has seen significant success. It will see even more success with the up-and-coming new version SharePoint, SharePoint 2010. At Epoch Online, we are not just focused on SharePoint, we are focused all of the tools and add-ons that make it faster and richer.
2009 and Top Positions for Epoch Online SEO Clients
For some businesses, 2009 is looking great. We are seeing top positions for all of Epoch Online SEO clients. The list of client types include plastic surgeons, remodeling companies, lawyers, window replacement, etc.
Awarded Walmart Contract Generation and Management Project
Contracted optometrists within the Walmart system will now be able to generate 2,3, and 4 year contracts for each state via a simple to use online application process and document managment system.
Dillard's Project is All About Store Reporting
Being focused on Microsoft .NET and SQL technology has helped us land a project with Dillards. The project is all about providing daily store reporting and sales tracking to upper management.
Interstate Cargo Awards Epoch Online Their Dealer Locator Project
Interstate Cargo isn't just looking for a simple dealer locator on their website. They want it integrated with to influence customer visitor and the want it integrated with their CRM. The potential customer will become a source for future advertising and special offers.
Nancy Nolan Photography Awards Website Project to Epoch Online
Nancy Nolan awarded Epoch Online its website project because she understood how important search engine optimization (SEO) is to an overall website marketing initiative.
Epoch Online is NOW Sitecore Certified
We are happy to announce we are officially trained and certified on the Sitecore CMS and Sitecore Foundry platforms. This platform is the leading enterprise level CMS and WMS solution available today.
Epoch Online to Take Over Dr. Salomon's Google AdWords Account
Dr. Salomon had been successfully managing his own PPC marketing for a couple of years. Today, he decided to give us control over his account. Our typical results, compared with his, should provide him more impressions and click throughs for less or equal money.
Anita Davis,, Looks for Unique Creative Team
Anita Davis was looking for a creative team that could turn out a Flash and HTML website that reflects her image and business identity. She found it in Epoch Online.
Awarded Walmart Optometrist Community Project
Thousands of Walmart contracted optometrists will now be able to collaborate through a online community specifically designed for them and their needs.
Awarded Aire Serv Website Project
Worldwide Aire Serv has awarded Epoch Online the task of developing a state-of-the-art Internet precense. The solution will include Sitecore CMS and Sitecore Foundry for driving the content and the individual websites for hundreds of franchisees. The solution will allow each franchisee to manage and promote theier own website. Additional services including search engine optimizaiton (SEO), email marketing and Google AdWords (PPC) initial development and on-going management.
Awarded Northwest Arkansas Airport,, Project
FlyXNA contacted Epoch Online in early 2007. Out of several potential providers, Epoch Online was chosen because of its approach to web development projects and its agressive pricing.
Awarded Fragramatics Project
Fragramatics, a leader in the car wash industry. awards Epoch Online their lastest e-commerce project. The goals includes increased traffic and additional online sales.